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Plastic paddling craft swamping the market? - 17  April 2019

PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions CC reports that it is receiving regular offers from the East for play paddle craft, leading to concerns that the market is being swamped by such plastic toys. Whilst plastic craft may be fun for children and novices, they fall short of what is generally understood to be sea kayaks, usually being fine, light craft in fibreglass and wood. What's alarming is that even sophisticated buyers, including hotels, etc. buy plastic craft at first, apparently in the deluded belief that they have acquired "kayaks", or that proper kayakers would settle for such craft. Some plastic craft are approaching "christmas tree" status, being over-designed and fitted with unnecessary and oversized fittings, all adding to the weight and unwieldy gaudiness of the craft, in some instances even interfering with their sea-worthiness and performance. Paddlers in South Africa and those who can buy and import from here, are fortunate indeed to be able to find real, hand-crafted fibreglass sea kayaks at world-beating prices right here. Discerning buyers should distinguish between budget plastic play craft and real, hand-crafted sea kayaks. Both have their purposes so buyers need to decide what they are wanting in a craft and buy accordingly. For your proper, hand-crafted sea kayak, which will grace your vehicle, your property and your paddling, order from PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions CC today at PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc at or phone 0825562520 or see .

PaddleYak Easter Specials. - 7  March 2019

PaddleYak SA, supplier of South Africa's popular recreational and expedition class fibreglass kayaks, will be increasing its prices from May 2019. Rising material costs and rentals are quoted as the main factors contributing to the cost. Petrol, power, shipping and packaging costs are all impacting on prices. PaddleYak is an innovative manufacturer and supplier of handmade fibreglass kayaks, its safe hybrid craft design being recognised as a uniquely South African innovation which has gone worldwide. PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc has been producing craft for over twenty years and its various craft have become synonymous with expeditions and kayak adventures the world over. It not only supplies the local market with durable and unique craft, but also exports worldwide directly to dealers and end-users. PaddleYak Kayaks have also proven to be popular with sea kayak tour operators due to their seaworthiness and robustness, being built to perform and to last. The company is currently running an Easter Special before the increases set for May. Despite the increases, South Africans are fortunate to be able to obtain their iconic craft locally in ZAR, being offered the opportunity to upscale from budget plastic play craft to proper hand-laminated fibreglass kayaks, at a reasonable cost. See email and ph +27 [0]825562520. NOTE: The Special Easter Offer ends on Friday 19 April 2019. The PaddleYak price increases, unavoidable due to the increase of suppliers' prices [which have been absorbed at great cost by PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions CC on behalf of buyers, till now], will happen at the beginning of May 2019. The adjustments in prices will assure that PaddleYak Kayaks remain the premier kayak brand in South Africa for those discerning buyers seeking select and specialised craft. The company has a long track record in production, adventure touring and expeditions and is dedicated to promoting proper sea kayaking as a primary eco activity in modern times.

Rare East African Island Camp for Sale. - 1  February 2019

An established and rare camp on the fabled East African Coast is on the market. Opportunity to own one of the world's most unspoilt and sought-after locations. US$20 mil.neg. Contact Ph +27(0)825562520 or email

Cape Kayak Camino kicks off 2019 season. - 23  January 2019

The new Cape Kayak Camino Tour in Plettenberg Bay in the Garden Route, South Africa, which was featured in the prestigious Getaway Magazine issue of November 2018, has started its first season, running from the beginning of January to the end of June, with four departures a week. The two day / one night overnight kayak tour is run on the magnificent Plettenberg Bay, Bitou and Keurbooms Lagoon Estuary and includes the majestic Keurbooms Gorge. The tour is on offer from REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc, South Africa's pioneering sea kayak company and the brainchild of Johan Loots, author of an international sea kayak guide book available worldwide in five major languages and a winner of two national design awards for his kayak designs. The Cape Kayak Camino Tour, which is a spin-off of a similar five day kayak tour inspired by Loots which is run in Spain on the famous Santiago de Compostela Camino, is geared towards local and international travelers of all ages and abilities, offering them a unique glimpse of the famed Garden Route, with an emphasis on enjoying the serenity and fragile beauty of the remaining wilderness in the area. The guided tour is fully catered and offers paddlers a gourmet picnic lunch en route, a traditional South African dinner in the evening and a hearty breakfast on the second day. All camping and kayak equipment are included in this memorable mini tour which can be included in any itinerary. Agents and tour operators as well as independent travelers and locals are welcome to make enquiries and book on or phone +27 [0]825562520 or +27 [0]829203696. See for more.

PaddleYak for 2019! - 29  December 2018

PaddleYak SEA KAYAK PRODUCTIONS cc wishes all its customers and all sea kayak paddlers around the world the very best for 2019. May you gain what you are aspiring for in 2019. At REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc we are looking forward to many more sea kayak adventures. We ended the year with a great watershed article in Getaway [exactly 20 years after our previous article in the same magazine], promoting our new overnight Cape Kayak CAMINO Tour in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Bookings from agents, tour companies and independent travelers have rolled in as well it should; the tour is set to become an institution for locals as well as visitors to the Garden Route and South Africa. On the kayak production side we have been kept to the wheel by regular orders for kayaks from our PaddleYak range. An end of year rush included orders from the beautiful Fleur de Passion which is commemorating the circumnavigation of the world by Magellan 500 years ago. The launch of the 6th version of our innovative PY TravelYak Split is imminent. We managed to put more hours into it during our busy time and it's just a matter of time now before we put the final touches to it. So, if you are into adventure mode or are going to order a PaddleYak Sea Kayak, make 2019 the year in which you do it! Email ph 0825562520.

All the best from Johan & Teresa Loots, family and staff.

Get away from it all! - 20  November 2018

REAL CAPE ADVENTURE's overnight CAPE KAYAK CAMINO Tour in Plettenberg Bay is drawing attention as more and more paddlers and would-be paddlers discover it's the ideal way of escaping the tensions in their lives. With its article in the November Issue of Getaway the company has shown it has once again pioneered a world class kayak adventure which all can participate in. Book now and treat yourself and your whole family to the latest and probably the best outing in the Garden Route of South Africa. Email phone 0825562520 or see

Mocke and Nixon win Surfski Champs - 20  November 2018

Jasper Mocke and Hayley Nixon won the men and women national SA surfski titles respectively in East London recently. In the men's race Mocke surfed in on the same wave as Hank McGregor, but the former had to run back to the end line whilst Mocke surfed in between the markers. Following in dad Godfrey and brother Dawid's footsteps, Jasper is putting his stamp on national and international life-saving and surfski events. The achievement comes from a lifetime's dedication to the sport by this remarkable family.

Cape Kayak Camino Tour prompts kayak orders. - 5  November 2018

Real Cape Adventures' Cape Kayak Camino Tour in Plettenberg Bay, in South Africa's Garden Route, is attracting much attention since being covered in the November 2018 issue of the prestigious Getaway Adventure Magazine, prompting the company to order more PaddleYak Tango Double Kayaks for its fleet. The PY Tango was developed by its sister company specifically for commercial sea kayak tours around the African coast, but it has proved so successful that it is now to be found even further afield in, among other places, Madagascar, Mauritius and Europe. In Africa it has been used to operate in places as diverse as Principe, Sao Tome, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi and the Congo and in South Africa,to operate in St Helena Bay, Paternoster, Langebaan, Hout Bay, Simon's Town, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Jeffrey's Bay and along the Kwazulu-Natal coast. The PY Tango is medium-sized for a double, making it easy to manage both on and off the water by both novices and experienced paddlers alike. It's superbly sea-worthy with a flawless commercial record of over 20 years. Conceived by Johan Loots and skillfully shaped by a previous pupil, Fritz Zonnekus, in his garage in Glen Cairn, just round the corner from Cape Point, the Cape of Storms, the Portuguese explorers' Cabo de Esperanza, the humble craft has exceeded all expectations, providing a safe platform for use in the stormy waters around the African coast and proving successful further afield, a tribute to those who were involved in its development and whose experiences growing up along the South African coast went into its making. Simply put; the PaddleYak Tango is a hardy homespun craft with a superb record, perfectly complementing the new Cape Kayak Camino Tour in Plettenberg Bay, both the tour and the location also being South Africa's finest.

Cape Kayak Camino Tour in Getaway Nov 2018 Issue! - 16  October 2018

REAL CAPE ADVENTURES's latest CAPE KAYAK CAMINO Tour in Plettenberg Bay in the Garden Route, South Africa, is featured in the latest edition [Nov 2018] of the original and prestigious adventure magazine, GETAWAY. The company made the front cover of the magazine exactly 20 years ago when it pioneered commercial sea kayaking in Southern Africa. The front cover then showed RCA's owner Johan Loots leading a group of sea paddlers through Knysna Heads. Since then the company has gone on to set up various operations in far-flung corners. The latest tour represents a culmination of RCA's experiences, seeking to provide travelers with a genuine slice of the Garden Route. The tour is manageable by most and can be adapted to various levels of abilities to accommodate even the most sedate, so no more excuses not do the Real Thing in Africa! Do the authentic tour and experience a real taste of the fabled Garden Route, its remaining wilderness and its people. No need to travel further. This is the real thing at an affordable rate. Booking essential. Tour Operators welcome too. Email or phone +27 [0] 825562520. PS: The two-day tour can be extended to include a day on the sea, or shortened to a quarter or half day paddle on the magnificent Plettenberg Bay Estuary, or the blue Indian Ocean.

PaddleYak Bo! PaddleYaks are Tops! - 28  September 2018

Ons is aan die begin van Oktober 2018 en dis tyd om n uitsoek PaddleYak aan te skaf. Bestel nou om die kajak betyds vir Kersfees te kry. Order now to get your select PaddleYak Kayak in time for the festive season. Email ph 0825562520.

It's October and we're open for business! - 28  September 2018

Oktober, die mooiste, mooiste maand! So, time to book your CAPE KAYAK CAMINO TOUR in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, with REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc, the country's original, pioneering sea kayak company. Plan your overnight tour, or extend it to three days and two nights. Locals and those wishing to escape the northern hemsiphere's encroaching winter may want to do the tour before Christmas to beat the crowds here, but the main season runs from mid-January to the end of June, so time to book and plan! Email or ph 0825562520 to obtain more details and to book.

Kayak Camino of the Bitou, Plettenberg Bay - 16  September 2018

Find a scintillating report on Rose's Blog of Real Cape Adventures' latest Cape Kayak Camino Tour in Plettenberg Bay here-

Heat wave brings out the kayaks! - 16  September 2018

Temperatures of 30 to 40 degrees Celsius are forecast for Southern Africa mid-September, only a week after it was caught in a snap cold seeing many mountain tops covered in snow. Kayaks are being brought out of wraps and once again paddlers can enjoy the freedom and health-giving properties of paddling in the summer season which generally is taken to stretch from October to June with but a brief interlude of autumn, winter and early spring in the other months. Suppliers of kayaks are reporting early season demands for repairs and enquiries for craft promises a bumper season. Nothing like escaping to nature and another world away from the humdrum of daily labour and politics with your own kayak. Order you PaddleYak Sea-kayak today and make sure you are ready for the season! Also book your guided kayak Cape Kayak Camino tour in Plettenberg Bay [see the October/November Getaway Issue]in time. Ph 0825562520 or email

SA dominates World Canoe Marathon Champs - 16  September 2018

With over 600 top canoeists from around the world participating in the World Canoe Marathon Champs in Portugal in Sept 2018, South Africa achieved an unbelievable first place in both the Men's Single Marathon as well as in the Doubles Event, the most prestigious of the championships. Andy Birkett and Hank Mc Gregor took the doubles and Birkett the singles, with seven times winner Mc Gregor opting out of the singles race this year. In 3rd place was South African Jasper Mocke in another sterling performance from the Mocke family. Another highlight of the championship was legendary Renata Csay's win, who at 41 defended her title successfully for the umpteenth title, underlining the general acceptance now that canoeing is a lifetime sport par excellence and that its top performers reach their full potential, or can maintain it, at what for many other sports and endeavors, would already mean middle age, a very good reason for the uninitiated to pick up the sport.

Weak ZAR aids SA Kayak sales - 5  September 2018

With the ZAR under pressure and the country technically in a recession, overseas buyers have a golden opportunity to acquire sought-after, hand-laminated, fibreglass PaddleYak Kayaks directly from source in South Africa. In production for over twenty years, PaddleYak kayaks have distinguished themselves in various adventures around the world. Take this opportunity to obtain your PaddleYak now at an absurd price. Economists agree that the ZAR is undervalued, but following the so-called state capture debacle, the country is reeling from shock. This gives buyers and would-be PaddleYak owners a rare chance to order their craft at truly economical prices. Whilst no restriction will be placed on the number of craft ordered per customer, the company's resources are finely tuned to survive in the current economic climate in South Africa and buyers will have to be content with the lead times on offer, something which is not unknown with the world's most exclusive and desirable brands. Email for more or see or phone +27 [0]825562520.

Sperm Whale washes up in Sedgefield. - 5  September 2018

Locals were astounded this weekend to find a rare Sperm Whale washed up on the beach. Unlike most other whales the Sperm Whale sports mean teeth [favoured by whalers of yore for scrimshaw work] to match a more aggressive nature than the Southern Rights and Humpbacks. Speculation is rife about the discovery, global warming being a possible culprit. Paddlers are warned to treat all marine animals with respect and to keep their distance at all time.

Cape Kayak Camino [Plettenberg Bay] - Details. - 18  August 2018

REAL CAPE ADVENTURES' forthcoming Cape Kayak Camino tour season in Plettenberg Bay in the Garden Route, South Africa, is drawing attention, the latest being a promotion of it on the influential RSG Radio Station. Booking for the forthcoming tour season [Jan to June, 2019] is essential as departures and numbers are limited to keep the tours exclusive and intimate. Here are some answers to the most frequently asked questions:-
WHEN Departures every Mon, Tues, Wed and Thursday. Mid-Jan to June.
WHERE Plettenberg Bay, Garden Route, South Africa.
WHO All normally healthy persons. No experience required.
WHAT Participants arrive with personal effects needed for two days. These are placed into two containers, one to be kept on the kayak, and one which will be taken ahead to the overnight stop. The tour is conducted on safe and stable, state-of-the-art sit-on, fibreglass PaddleYak Tango Double Kayaks, manufactured by ourselves and used on all our and many others’ operations.
DAY 1: Launch onto the seaside lagoon at Poortjies Beach and paddle to The Mouth and on to the confluence of the Bitou Estuary. Paddle up the latter and on to the start of the Keurbooms Gorge.
DAY 2. Paddle through the majestic Keurbooms Gorge to Whiskey Creek and beyond, to return to Oorlopie on the seaside, the Seagull Sanctuary and back to the start at Plett.
Total Distance: 10 to 40 kms. This distance can be adapted to suit various groups and individuals as well the conditions, which most of the time are fair to fine, the chief reason we have selected this very route for our new Cape Kayak Camino.
OVERNIGHT. Comfortable pre-set camp on a dedicated and secluded site on the edge of the Keurbooms. More luxury accommodation is available, but the camp is ideal, providing participants with an authentic overnight experience in the open.
MEALS Included: Lunch, Dinner and Brunch and refreshments in-between. A traditional evening dinner is prepared over an open fire and includes a lamb as well as a vegetable potjie, bobotie, venison kebabs and a Cape pudding, souskluitjies, or Japie se Gunstelling.
MAIN ATTRACTIONS Three relatively distinct eco-systems are crisscrossed by kayak making for an exciting and very different eco-experience on the edge of ever-popular Plettenberg Bay, providing for a much more expansive view and experience of the area. Marine life, mammals, waders and other coastal birds coexist here with man, coast and forest. The system as a whole is a virtual amphitheatre of nature.
RACK RATE R1950 pp.
Early Bird Discount [Aug/Sept] applies.
Min/Max per tour: Two to 20 persons.
For enquiries and bookings: or
ph 0825562520.
For an Afrikaans Promotion recording hear podcast - date 18-8-2018 at approx 10,10 am. Live the Journey.
For other cover; - See Plettenberg Bay Tourism Summer Publication and Getaway, Spring Edition, out soon.
Make this your next tour. It's brief enough to include into any itinerary. Don't miss out on this fun and contemplative tour, offered by the doyen of sea kayaking in South Africa.

Holiday Home and Apartment in Hout Bay, Cape Town. - 11  August 2018

Private holiday home and two holiday apartments adjoining Oakhurst to rent in Hout Bay, Cape Town. Rent the whole property for the holidays, or one or two of the self-catering apartments. The main unit offers three bedrooms and open-plan living area and sweeping views of the surrounding valley and southern slopes of Table Mountain. The self-catering bachelor apartments each offer an open plan room with a kitchen nook and separate bathroom with a balcony and separate entrance. Secure with ample fenced parking. Easy access to the Atlantic Seaboard, the City Centre, Waterfront and Southern Peninsula. Minimum 5 days rental per unit. Book now. Ph 0825562520 or email .

Order your PaddleYak Kayaks now. - 6  August 2018

If you are ordering new PaddleYak Kayaks for the summer of 2018, it's important to get your orders in now. Spring Day is less than four weeks away and then it's but a downhill charge to summer and glorious days of sun, beach and sea kayaking. PaddleYak Kayaks are used around the world and in South Africa buyers are fortunate to be able to buy them directly from Paddleyak SA, right on their doorstep. There are numerous models to choose from, from the compact and portable PY Darter, to the stable PY Solo, the award-winning PY Swift and the fast PY Fusion. The new PY Gypsy single has made waves for its fine performances as have the PY Tango and PY Swift doubles. Craft are build on order only, so buyers need to make provision for production and delivery times required. Current PaddleYak owners who wish to have craft serviced are reminded that such services are not available during the peak production period, so are urged to present their craft soonest now for attention.

Berg River Glory - 6  August 2018

Graeme Solomon made it two wins in the classic Berg River Marathon in July 2018, having won the race previously in 2001. At 45 he is the oldest paddler to ever win the race, proving that it's a lifetime sports, that experience matters and that like good wine, you just get better at paddling as the years roll on! All the more reason for adults to pick up this sport and to start enjoying recreational or competitive kayaking. The full results of the successful event were as follows:-
1.Graeme Solomon/Adrian Boros (Team Bamboo Warehouse) 4:20:30 16:57:18
2.Keith Moule/Joep van Bakel 4:20:38 17:07:40
3.Gavin White/Bartho Visser 4:29:10 17:40:53
4.Anders Hart/Jermaine Pietersen 4:30:14 17:43:38
5.Greg van Heerden/Anthony Wostenholm 4:29:09 17:56:42
6.Daan du Toit/Gert van Deventer 4:33:10 17:59:21
7.John de Villiers/Heinrich Schloms 4:33:05 18:02:17
8.Mthobisi Cele/Mpilo Zondi (U23) (Capensis) 4:38:08 18:20:40
9.Chris de Waal/Roy Clegg 4:39:35 18:22:27
10.Loveday Zondi/Richard Cele 4:43:54 18:40:52

Under 23
1.Mthobisi Cele/Mpilo Zondi (Capensis) 4:38:08 18:20:40

Under 18
1.Melvino Klaase/Angelo Smith 5:00:15 19:13:19

1.Kevin Bouwer/Lisa Scott

Moving on from plastics to proper kayaks? - 3  July 2018

With the proliferation of plastic craft of every description, weighed against the concomitant concern for plastic pollution, the question arises how many consumers of plastic goods are aware that they are contributing to the demise of nature and the world's oceans? Recently the world held its breath as a whale chocked and died in plastic pollution off the polluted coast of Thailand, warning all of the impending disaster facing the world due to plastic pollution. Already concerned nations and manufacturers are searching for and beginning to employ new materials which can break down rapidly in the environment. The preference is also shifting to repeat-use materials, or life-time use materials, as opposed to one-off and limited duration use. It's a consideration that fibre-reinforced materials [fibreglass]can be maintained for whole lifetimes. The hard exterior gelcoat formulations protect the inner laminates, providing investors in craft made in fibreglass, such as fibreglass kayaks with craft which can last a lifetime and longer,thereby limiting the use of materials and precious resources. Not only do fibreglass kayaks offer top quality and top designs, they also offer lightness and conservation of resources. As the world seeks to find environmentally friendly recreational activities, fibreglass kayaks should become the craft of choice. For hand-laminated fibreglass kayaks, look no further than the PaddleYak range, built in South Africa for the world. Email or phone 0825562520.

Wibberley and Haan duo take on Lake Malawi - 3  July 2018

Brent Wibberley and Nic Haan set off on 1 July 2018 on their intended crossing of Lake Malawi. Both being veterans of similar challenges are aware of the demands which lie ahead, including sudden and violent storms, dangerous electric storms, short running seas, heavy shore-breaks, malaria, bilharzia, crocodiles, hippo's, poor infrastructure and poor communications. These all add up to make what at times can be described as an idyllic paddling route, an extremely demanding and even life-threatening one. The pair has opted for a PaddleYak Swift Hybrid Double Adventure Racing Kayak which is a sleek adventure racing craft with known performance capacities, but relatively limited volume, requiring users to plan their loads and supplies strategically.Both paddlers having spent time in New York recently are out on a limb presently adjusting to the rigors of adventure kayaking of this nature in the heart of Africa. Here's to their spirit of adventure; may it carry them through their ordeals and on to more waiting hence. PaddleYak, South Africa. Real Cape Adventures CC. TASKS: The African Sea Kayak Society. To order your PaddleYak Kayak, or join in their latest Cape Kayak Camino, email, or phone 082 5562520 right now. Based in Knysna, Plettenberg Bay and Cape Town in South Africa and supplying all of South Africa, Africa and the whole world with innovative PaddleYak Kayaks.

Comrades Athletes take on ASA - 3  July 2018

Declining to participate in a nationwide SAFM discussion on the latest debacle in sports administration in SA [refer to the absurd call up of Comrades athletes to the World Championships with no pre-warning or offer of support and funding whatsoever] ASA has revealed its total incompetence in managing South Africa's world class and most elite athletes. Sports is not the soft underbelly and a free meal for so-called administrators wishing to climb on the gravy train without making the necessary contributions to the sports and participants which provide their living.

New Cape Kayak Camino Tour kicks off - 24  June 2018

Real Cape Adventure's new Cape Kayak Camino Tour kicked off last week in Plettenberg Bay, in South Africa's Garden Route. The Two Day/One Night overnight kayak tour has been planned to fit into the schedules of visitors to South Africa who wish to have a genuine experience in nature, enjoying the beauty which it offers in a unique way. The tour runs from the middle of January to the middle of July with scheduled departures twice a week, catering for the main tourism season. Participants do not need any paddling experience, only a sense of adventure and a need to do the real thing. Everything is supplied, including three meals and overnight tented accommodation on the water's edge. RCA has been operating for over twenty years and is set on offering participants a memorable experience in the tradition of independent and mindful traveling. Email or phone 0825562520 for more.

Robyn Loots [nee Lowe] remembered. - 13  June 2018

Exactly thirty years ago [on 28 May 1988], Robyn and Johan Loots were training for the Berg River Marathon on a fine autumn afternoon when disaster struck near Olyfboom, Wellington, and Robyn, sadly, was lost. She was the leading WP Lady K1 paddler at the time. On the banks were daughter Frances, just turned 2, waiting for her mom and dad to wrap up their training for the day. Thirty years on, Frances is an accounting graduate and pursuing a successful career in fashion design in London and currently diving in the Maldives with husband Mike. A year ago she and Mike, her dad and family paddled the unique Camino Kayak Tour in Spain which Loots originally identified as a kayak route and which is now entering it's 4th successful season under the ownership of Retha and Carlos Blanco-Lopez. This coming weekend Johan and Teresa Loots will host Getaway and run their own new Cape Kayak Camino Tour on the magnificent Plettenberg Bay Lagoon in South Africa's and the Western Cape's Garden Route, including the Bitou Estuary and the majestic Keurbooms Gorge. Having continued since that fateful day in 1988 the new tour is seen to be at once a celebration of life and adventure and a time to reflect as well as tribute to those loved and remembered.

PaddleYak bulk sales and servicing of craft. - 11  June 2018

PaddleYak customers are to note that those wishing to have their craft serviced, altered, repaired, etc., must book them in now, during winter. No servicing will be accepted during the peak sales season from November to the end of February. Bulk orders must also be placed now, to avoid such production from overlapping with summer sales. To order and book, email or phone +27 (0)825562520 now.

Autumn is for Kayaking - 11  June 2018

Experienced kayakers know that autumn is often a time of mild weather and calm seas. In Southern Africa this has been the case so far in 2018, with the surrounding two oceans being calm, warm and inviting. Of course, the days are shorter and the chill sets in quickly after sunset, but if you can avail yourself of daylight hours, now's the time to enjoy your paddling to the full. Later the westerlies will set in and we will feel the full brunt of winter, but it'll be short-lived and soon summer will be pulling you towards distant shores again. Some paddlers use winter to travel foreign lands and find warmer weather in the tropics and further north. They toil and save the whole year for the privilege of adventure by kayak. Other paddlers take time off to service their craft and attend to their needs. At PaddleYak special provision is made for winter servicing of craft as well as for special deals. With SA manufacturing at its lowest ebb ever due to inflexible labour laws, unrelenting tax obligations and civil strife, small businesses offering services and products to a niche market must be resourceful. PaddleYak Kayaks are offering special winter deals on pre-summer orders, orders of more than one craft and lay-byes [pay off your craft over three months, then collect,etc. For more, contact PaddleYak at or phone +27 [0]825562520.

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