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Beware the summer rush. Order your PaddleYaks now. - 14  August 2019

Whilst South Africans are still in a state of winter hibernation, local factories and retail outlets are feverishly preparing for the end of year rush. The election and Cyril Ramaphosa’s presidency [as well as the Boks beating the All Blacks, Wallabies and Pumas to clinch the Southern Hemisphere’s Rugby Championship for the first time] have brought an upturn in optimism in the country, despite a great deal still having to be done. If last year’s festive season is something to go by, retail action will be brutal as people wait till the last moments to buy those long-awaited gifts, and rewards, for the year’s efforts. Products like PaddleYak Kayaks which are produced upon order must be ordered well in advance of the season. PaddleYak SA in Knysna has been kept to the wheel the whole year so it has advised customers hoping to obtain PaddleYak Kayaks this year still, to place their orders soon, indeed, right now. It is expected that various suppliers will be closing earlier than usual this year, making it difficult or impossible to obtain the materials and parts needed to manufacture craft suddenly at the end of the year, leading to exasperating waiting lists. Currently PaddleYak SA is offering a Pre-Summer Discount [ending end of August 2019], so all in all a good time to order. For enquiries and orders: Email , ph 0825562520 or see or see on Facebook and Instagram.

ZAR plunges. Import kayaks from SA now - 14  August 2019

The South African Rand [ZAR] has dropped its value to R15 to US$1. Before independence in 1994, the ZAR weighed in at a hefty ZAR1 to US$2 ! It was linked to the gold standard then but has been declining in value to the current weak rate since. The good news for foreign visitors is that holidaying in South Africa is a bargain. It’s also good news for paddlers who wish to purchase hand-laminated fibreglass PaddleYak Kayaks from South Africa. Now it’s possible to import a sought-after hand-laminated fibreglass PaddleYak at the price of a plastic play-boat locally. Whether you are an individual in far-flung Siberia, or a dealer in Manhattan, now’s the chance to obtain your PaddleYak Kayaks. For enquiries and orders, ph +27 (0)825562520, email info@seakayak , or see on Facebook and Instagram.

Forest Activists target Brazil Embassy - 14  August 2019

Amidst various world events, including a nuclear explosion in Russia, pro-democratic demonstrations in Hong Kong, an Ebola outbreak in West Africa, the tragic violence, corruption, theft and maladministration in the fledgling Republic of South Africa, an asteroid hurtling on a crash course towards earth and fires in the Arctic, the exploitation of the Amazon and other indigenous forests round the world rank as the worst. The pro-forest activists targeting Brazil's embassies are striving to bring attention to the latter as the forests, the oceans and the millions of life forms dependent on the health of these natural systems cannot protect themselves against the onslaught of mankind and are dependent on humans who are sensitive enough to recognise their plight and to agitate for their preservation. In South Africa's own Garden Route, the devastating fires of last year have revealed a hitherto hidden fact; that the indigenous and afromontane forests which make up the unique eco-system of the region [and which attract many environmentally-conscious tourists here] is being progressively exploited and replaced by low grade pine plantations. The first pleas for a ceasing of all lumbering in the local forests have, predictably, had no meaningful response from the authorities. Visitors from around the world who come to the area because of its legendary status as an area of breathtaking beauty have to overlook the unprecedented forest operations where small NGO's are fighting to replant indigenous trees. Whilst visiting here those aware enough ensure they participate in eco-sensitive tour activities such as hiking and kayaking to avoid contributing further to the demise of the area with excessive carbon footprints. REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc has been striving to offer travelers the Real Thing here since 1995, the latter meaning participating in nature the natural way. Their one day and two day/one night overnight kayak tours, the CAPE KAYAK CAMINO in Plettenberg Bay is the culmination of twenty-five years of commercial kayaking in the area. To experience the fabled Garden Route the real and natural way, join them on a tour and experience it yourself, before it is all lost. It may be that you will be inspired to agitate for nature too. For enquiries and bookings email, ph +27(0)825562520 and see Facebook, Instagram and the Internet on .

Paddle and Kayak the Garden Route’s Best - 12  August 2019

Real Cape Adventures cc has been running sea kayak tours in Cape Town and the Garden Route since 1995. Its latest One Day and Two Day/One Night Kayak Tours in the Garden Route reflects its experience and dedication to providing visitors with the best of it. Called the CAPE KAYAK CAMINO in PLETTENBERG BAY, the tours take in the majestic Keurbooms Gorge and the rare Bitou Estuary. Collectively known as the Plett Lagoon, paddlers have a choice of paddling the Gorge in one day, or spending two days and one night experiencing the whole estuarine system. On the tour you can immerse yourself fully in the best of eco-friendly travel. At the start of the tour you skirt the outlet of the system into the Indian Ocean, which stretches to Storms River and the Tsitsikamma Mountains, before tucking into the deep Afro-montane forest and meandering blue lagoon. Not here the brief encounters on plastic play-boats, black tubes, blow-up mattresses[lilos]and groups arriving in tour busses pushed for time to tick off another quick activity, but the real thing, covering from 10 to 40 kilometres over one or two days of paddling on PaddleYak Sea Kayaks, South Africa’s choice adventure kayak range, proudly built in the Garden Route. If you want to paddle the Garden Route’s best, see , email or phone +27 [0]825562520.

World's ultimate feat achieved by a woman paddler. - 8  August 2019

To celebrate Women’s Day it’s only fit to salute Freya Hoffmeister, a woman, and a mother, who has achieved the ultimate feat, the entirely unthinkable in anybody’s terms, by paddling around all of South America, a distance of 37000 kilometres [23000 miles]. This has to go down as the greatest endurance feat of all time. Adventure and expedition paddlers being typically modest about their achievements, word of her utterly staggering performance is only now reaching the public at large and it’s being met with disbelief and incomprehension, as well it should be! Whilst the world is engaged in the trials and chores of daily living, one individual has stepped up to achieve what few will ever contemplate, never-mind doing! Departing 30 August 2011 and returning to her point of departure in Buenos Aires on 3 May 2015, Freya stepped into the history books. Hers is an achievement for all humankind, but particularly for women, proving once and for all, if it was ever in doubt, that the gentler sex has the ability, tenacity and will-power to take on all challenges. Building up to this gargantuan performance, Hoffmeister circumnavigated Iceland in 2007, covering 1400 kms [830 miles], South Island, New Zealand in 2008, doing 2700 kms [1700 miles] and in 2009, Australia, covering 13800 kms [8570 miles]. In total she has covered approximately 55000 kms in 9 years. Spare a thought for Oscar Speck who set off on the Danube in 1932 and arrived in Australia in 1939 having covered a distance of 48000 kms [30000 miles] in an open, wooden-framed canoe. A small exhibit in the National Maritime Museum in Sydney bears testimony to this unheralded achievement in the time of Amelia Earheart’s flying and the adventures of the celebrated Richard Haliburton. On the expedition side Ranulph Fiennes' record speaks for itself [see]. On the fanatical and obsessive side of things one may want to throw in the name too of Mohan Das [Lotan Baba] who rolled, yes rolled, 30000 kms across the whole of India, but Hoffmeister’s sheer endurance in a sleek, but dangerous sit-inside kayak, mostly paddling solo and unassisted along the world's great oceans, including around Cape Horn, takes first prize. PaddleYak SEA KAYAKS and REAL CAPE ADVENTURES salute Freya Hoffmeister whose grace, beauty and commitment personifies womanhood, for her incredible performance in a humble kayak.

PaddleYak Kayaks. Pre-summer August discounts. - 3  August 2019

For those who missed our very special end of July Discounts here's another chance to obtain your PaddleYak Craft at Pre-Summer Prices. The prices on offer cannot match the discounts of July, but are still reasonable, so avail yourself of them now before the ZAR pushes the prices up again. We have twenty different PaddleYak models to choose from. Please discuss your needs with us to make sure you get the right craft.
Prices offered below only apply to direct sales to members of the public. Prices quoted include vat. For more details, or to order, ph + (0]825562521 or email
S1. PY Darter Tripper [3,6m, 19kgs]. Compact sit-on. Without rudder. R8000.
S2. PY Darter Tourer [3,6m, 19kgs]. Compact sit-on with rudder. R9000.
S4. PY Solo [4,5 m, 25kgs]. All-rounder sit-on kayak with rudder and hatch. R9900.
S5. PY Gypsy [4.7m, 20kgs], Streamlined sit-on kayak with rudder and hatch. R10500.
S6. PY Gypsy [4.7m, 20kgs]. Hybrid kayak with coaming, rudder and hatch. R12000.
S7. PY Swift [5.2m, 23kgs]. Sit-on. Award-winning all-round sit-on sea-kayak. R 13000.
S8. PY Swift [5.2m, 24kgs]. Hybrid version with coaming. R14500.
S9. PY Fusion [5.4m, 24 kgs]. Sleek sit-on version. R13000.
S10. PY Fusion [5.4 m, 25kgs]. Hybrid Version with coaming. R14500.
S11. PY Kingfisher FishingYak [4.6m, 25kg]. Basic fishing kayak. R12500.
S12. PY Kingfisher FishingYak [4.6m, 26kg]. Pro version with double liner. R15000.
S13. PY Explorer Sit-in [5.5, 23kg]. High volume, sea-worthy sit-in sea kayak. R17000.
S14. PY TravelYak Split. Sectional, nested kayak for traveling. R22500 [avail late 2019, waiting list applies].
D1.PY Gypsy Duo [5m, 28kg]. Compact sit-on double. R13900 [avail late 2019, waiting list applies]
D2.PY Tango [5.5m, 35kg]. All-rounder family & commercial sit-on. R14900.
D3.PY Swift Sit-on [6m, 28kg]. Streamlined sit-on/adventure kayak. R15900.
D4.PY Swift Hybrid [6m, 35kg]. Streamlined Hybrid Adventure Kayak. R18900.

SURFSKIS [singles only].
SURF1. PY Elegance; Very fast, competitive surfski for -90kgs. R11900.
SURF2. PY Pro-X: Fast, competitive ski for paddlers 90+.

Terms of Pre-summer prices:
1. Errors & Omissions Excepted.
2. Craft deck configurations change constantly from previous models and what pics show so make sure you are clear what you are getting.
3. Once you have chosen your craft, payments confirm the order.
4. Transport is excluded, but we assist in making arrangements.
5. Prices are Valid till end of August 2019 only.

PaddleYak Kayaks in PE, EL, Durban and Cape Town. - 3  August 2019

PaddleYak Kayaks SA has been providing South Africans and many paddlers round the world with hand-laminated kayaks specially built for demanding use for over two decades. Riaan Manser chose PaddleYak Kayaks for his epic cicumnavigation of Madagascar in the Tropics as well as for his and Dan Skinstad's demanding circumnavigation of Iceland, touching on the Arctic Circle in the process. In both extreme challenges the craft brought the paddlers back home safely. PaddleYak craft are found in many parts of the world, including in very remote areas like Papua New Guinea and French Guiana. Johan Loots of PaddleYak has himself used PaddleYak Kayaks to paddles some of the world's most select kayaking destinations, including Galithea in Spain, much of the Croatian Coast, Venice, Queen Charlotte Sound and Abel Tasman in New Zealand, the Whitsundays and Port Jackson in Australia, Tahiti, Moorea and closer to home, Principe, Sao Tome, Mauritius, Madagascar and Mozambique. PaddleYak Kayaks are produced in the beautiful town of Knysna in the heart of the Garden Route. The town is surrounded by lagoon, ocean and an indigenous forest, an ideal location to design and build boats and kayaks for those who love to be on the water with their own eco-friendly craft. PaddleYak Kayaks are delivered country- and world-wide directly to buyers for the best prices and service. PaddleYak began a novel online kayak order website in SA in the the mid-nineties, a model of retail which is becoming the norm now with the likes of Amazon, Takealot and Makro, so, if you are in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth, East London and Durban you can order your kayaks directly from PaddleYak in Knysna. It's easy. Just go to the PaddleYak website and place your order and PRESTO! You have a craft in the making. To see what's available and to order your craft, simply go to and proceed from there. You can also phone 0825562520 or email . We look forward to providing you with our craft. We have over twenty different PaddleYak Kayak models to choose from, including two kayak models we have kep mostly under wraps till their time comeh. Come to the Home of Kayaks: PaddleYak Kayaks. Proudly made in South Africa.

Half a Century since Moon Landing? - 19  July 2019

Asked what they would say if they were to step onto Mars as the first human-beings to land there, a group of young students fresh from a voluntary tree-planting project deliberated and unanimously agreed on saying this when facing the barren landscape: “Wow! A small step for man, a giant backward step for mankind. Let’s go tend the garden back home!”

Whilst the exclamation may fail to acknowledge the wealth of research spawned and the raw courage [and lives] space exploration takes, it highlights the confusion faced by the young in dealing with their futures. Exploring the planet in a time of bewildering exponential scientific discoveries and developments it’s easy to lose sight of the natural wonder about one. Nowhere more so than on a kayak when you glide off in your own world on an eco-friendly craft which burns no fuel, leaves no refuse and disturbs no-one. Away from it all you are faced with you own solitude and silence, but also the magnificence of all that about you and you have to question where science is leading us and where it leaves you. The experience is priceless in every sense of the word and accessible to all with the smallest of investment in funding and effort.

A small kayak can indeed lead to the discovery of a great world just waiting for you to find it! Celebrate humankind’s achievements and join in the spirit of it. Take you first step by investing in a kayak today. PaddleYak Kayaks. Innovative craft just right for you. Contact: or phone +27 (0)825562520.

Why fibreglass kayaks are sought-after. - 19  July 2019

Plastic pollution has become a worldwide concern. The world is currently being swamped by millions of plastic extrusions, including plastic paddling craft. At the rate these craft are being produced there may soon be more plastic craft than persons wishing to paddle! Some plastic craft do a reasonable job, but kayaks produced in composite materials such as fibreglass and carbon are in another league in terms of performance, longevity and range of designs. Hand-laminated, fibreglass craft are sought-after worldwide and come at a premium, but paddlers buying in and from South Africa are able to obtain these craft at very competitive prices. Whilst plastics are “robust”, meaning that if you paddle a plastic craft into a rock it may not crack the first time [later when it gets brittle, it will], it’s a poor measurement of the quality of a craft. You don’t buy a craft because it is robust in the short term; you buy one which will give you the best performance. The lighter weight, the range of specialised models, the speed and the longevity of fibreglass kayaks may make them the right choice. Like a cut-glass goblet, a fibreglass craft can outlast its owner. A plastic mug won’t. Even though fibreglass can be fragile, it has longevity and can last a lifetime. This gives them their status and a positive eco quotient iro manufacturing pollution /duration of the product. If you wish to play, buy plastic. If you want to get more out of your paddling, buy composite fibreglass and carbon kayaks. For a full range of hand-laminated fibreglass kayaks, contact PaddleYak Kayaks at or phone 0825562520. These are legendary hand-laminated kayaks at competitive prices for paddlers who want the real thing.

Kayak News - Who we are. - 19  July 2019

The Kayak News snippets provided here are supplied as a service to the paddling community and is sponsored by PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions CC and Real Cape Adventures CC. PaddleYak Sea Kayaks are manufactured in Knysna in the Garden Route, South Africa, and are supplied locally and worldwide directly to buyers by phoned orders, as well as emailed and online orders. Real Cape Adventures cc run sea kayak trips and tours throughout Southern Africa and further afield.

PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions CC is recognised as pioneering and developing a comprehensive hybrid sit-in/sit-on kayak range, the first of which was the PY Swift Hybrid Adventure Kayak which won two national awards for design [ref: Prof M. Bruton: SA Innovations]. The range now includes the PY Swift Double, the PY Fusion, the PY Gypsy, the PY Gypsy Duo Double and the PY TravelYak Split. PaddleYak’s hybrid craft combine features of both sit-in and sit-on craft, making the distinction obsolete. World-renowned adventurer Riaan Manser circumnavigated Madagascar as well as Iceland in these craft, proving their safety, versatility and suitability for all climates in both the Southern and Northern Hemispheres. Many PaddleYak owners regard their personal craft as the best in the world! Laminated in composite materials they not only offer top performances, but also safety, relative lightness and longevity.

Real Cape Adventures CC runs commercial sea kayaking trips and tours in a variety of locations. Their latest offering is the Two Day/One Night Cape Kayak Camino overnighter on the magnificent Plettenberg Bay Estuarine System [ref. Getaway Magazine Nov. 2018]. If there’s one trip you must do when visiting South Africa, it’s this one. Managed by RCA and PY founders Teresa and Johan Loots [author of A Practical Guide to Sea Kayaking in Southern Africa as well as An Essential Guide to Sea Kayaking, available worldwide in five international languages] it offers an opportunity to share their passion for life, kayaking and nature. Over the last number of years commercial sea kayak touring has evolved into a formal mode of travel. In many ways sea kayak touring has been in the vanguard of so-called activity as well as eco-friendly touring. Kayak trips and tours currently on offer from REAL CAPE ADVENTURES and its co-operators includes paddling excursions in South Africa [Cape Town and Plettenbeg Bay], Mozambique, Zanzibar, Mauritius, Madagascar, Malawi and Spain.

Recreational paddlers can select from a variety of PaddleYak Kayak models to suit their needs and those wishing to participate in kayak trips [daily trips] or kayak tours [multi-day tours], will find a number on offer from REAL CAPE ADVENTURES.

Those wishing to establish their own sea kayak tour operations, wherever in the world, or train as sea kayak guides, are also welcome to contact REAL CAPE ADVENTURES for information about their start-up packages and programmes.

Both companies can be viewed on or emailed at, or phoned at +27[0]825562520. Both are also official sponsors of TASKS: The African Sea Kayak Society, a non-profit, online forum for sea kayakers. All paddlers are welcome to register as friends of TASKS on to swell its numbers and to contribute to its impact on sea kayak-related matters around Africa. News items from those who registered on TASKS are welcome and may be published on this News page. Those who wish to co-sponsor, assist in managing, make recommendations and propose deserving projects for the society, are invited to do so. Paddlers who have explored any regions of the African coast by kayak are welcome to contribute the details of their trips to a growing record of such trips.

PaddleYak Kayaks are here for you! - 8  July 2019

PaddleYak Kayaks SA are looking forward to an exciting summer season ahead with more and more people wishing to experience eco-friendly outdoor activities. It's no secret anymore that pleasure should be derived from activities which are pollution-free. Kayaking is one of the oldest outdoor pursuits on the planet, with ancient skeletons of craft having been dated back to 9 Centuries BC. This year PaddleYak is introducing a new compact family double and the long-awaited PY Split TravelYak, a tried and tested craft which can be split into three nesting pieces, making it portable by backpack and transportable on airlines, ships, trains, taxis and private vehicles with limited space. PaddleYak offers various models to suit most kayaking needs. Plan ahead for the coming season. Contact PaddleYak at 0825562520 or email or see today.

Tour Operators' Booking of CAPE KAYAK CAMINO TOUR - 8  July 2019

TOUR Operators who wish to include eco-friendly activities in their itineraries can now, by popular demand, book one day of lagoonside paddling on the CAPE KAYAK CAMINO - Plettenberg Bay. The exciting TWO DAY/ONE NIGHT Overnight Kayak Tour has proved so popular in its first year of inception that REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc, which has been pioneering and operating sea kayaking tours in Southern Africa and further afield for 25 years, has decided to open the tour to those who can only fit in one day on their itineraries too. This means that participants on tight schedules and itineraries can now join the Overnight Tour too, but only do half, one day, of the tour. This allows them to use their regular accommodation and only spend one day on kayaking. The kayak tour is run on the magnificent Plettenberg Bay Estuary, including the Keurbooms Gorge, one of the country's prime nature sites. The best way to experience this is on a stable and eco-friendly kayak. The activity is suitable for all from ages 10 to 90. Bookings are open now for the 2020 Jan to June Season. To book ph +27 (0)82 5562520 or email . PS: We also offer daily kayak trips on the sea for those who specifically want to have such an experience, launching from Central beach, Plettenberg Bay, but these trips are for more capable participants and are more weather dependent.

Book CAPE KAYAK CAMINO Plett 2020 - 8  July 2019

REAL CAPE ADVENTURES, South Africa's premier sea kayak operator has opened bookings for its CAPE KAYAK CAMINO Two Day/One Night Overnight Kayak Tour which runs from the middle of January till the middle of June, with four departures per week. The kayak tour is run on the magnificent Plettenberg Bay Estuary and Keurbooms River Gorge and is suitable for all, the 40 km route winding through the heart of South Africa's Garden Route and Tsitsikamma at Plettenberg Bay. Easily fit the tour into you travel itinerary; it is a must, allowing you to experience the best of the Garden Route in an eco-friendly and stable kayak. Camping is on the lagoon's edge at the foot of the majestic gorge. Those on tight schedules can join the tour too for a full day's paddling of half of the two day route. For more details, ph +27 (0)825562520, info@seakayak,co,za or see .

Berg River Canoe Marathon 2019 Results. - 8  July 2019

Hamish Lovemore and Tyron Maher won the 2019 Berg River Marathon, the 58th running of one of the world's most classic and enduring Ultra-Marathon CANOE RACES on the winding Berg River stretching 250kms from Paarl near Cape Town to Velddrift on the remote West Coast of South Africa. Illness prevented Borros and Solomon, the previous winners, from repeating their victory. Top solo man was Maties' Evan Knight and woman, Bianca Beavitt. Special mention goes to veterans Giel van Deventer and Jannie Malherbe,80,finishing in the top ranks in the grueling world-class race. The latter participated in the first race in 1962 and has been a front runner ever since, winning the race twice, which says a great deal about the health benefits of kayaking as a lifetime sport. PaddleYak Sea Kayaks salute all participants who attempted the race, an institution in the Western Cape, in South Africa and the world of kayaking.

PaddleYak Kayaks for Adventure. - 6  June 2019

The award-winning PaddleYak [PY] Swift Hybrid Kayak was originally developed with Adventure Racing in mind and indeed, it was used very successfully by the SA Team at the time. Its unique hybrid feature, mixing sit-in and sit-on elements, offers the best of both worlds. Since its inception the craft has made its mark in various expeditions and adventures worldwide.
PaddleYak Kayaks are in the top range and are produced in fibreglass, Kevlar, or carbon for best performance. PaddleYak kayaks have been shipped worldwide directly to end users. The most recent shipments went to the Congo [for poacher control on the Congo River], Norway [the home of traditional kayaks], Hawaii [where the buyer reports much interest], Spain [used for running week-long tours on the famous Camino Route] and Zanzibar [where they are used on a new four day kayak tour of the islands – see the latest June 2019 Edition of the Getaway Magazine]. Currently PaddleYak is preparing craft for use in the United Arab Emirates [Oman]. It is also assisting preparation for a solo kayak assault on Lake Tanganyika. Why settle for less? Order your PaddleYak Kayak now at 0825562520 or see . Think twice before buying your next kayak. Support your local industry. Use it, or Lose it!

Kayaks in wartime. D-Day 75th Rememberance today. - 6  June 2019

Many commando style operations using kayaks were undertaken during the Second WW, to good effect. The best known being the raid on the U-Boat bunkers in Bordeaux during occupation. Visiting there recently the scale and bravado required for such a raid became apparent. Only two of the original ten paddlers, dropped by submarine off the coast of France, made it back home after the raid. Spare a thought today for those who put themselves in harm's way for the sake of the world's freedom. Relatives of PaddleYak staff were engaged in the Second WW and they are remembered today, particularly our fathers, Francois [Frank]Loots who saw action in North Africa, including at Tobruk, Sidi Rezech and Al Alamein and Richard Angless, who as a 19 year old, flew Spitfires and other fighter planes for the RAF. A near fatal crash on British soil ended his war, after which he emigrated to South Africa and became the Chair of the RAF Association.

Plastic paddling craft swamping the market? - 17  April 2019

PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions CC reports that it is receiving regular offers from the East for play paddle craft, leading to concerns that the market is being swamped by such plastic toys. Whilst plastic craft may be fun for children and novices, they fall short of what is generally understood to be sea kayaks, usually being fine, light craft in fibreglass and wood. What's alarming is that even sophisticated buyers, including hotels, etc. buy plastic craft at first, apparently in the deluded belief that they have acquired "kayaks", or that proper kayakers would settle for such craft. Some plastic craft are approaching "christmas tree" status, being over-designed and fitted with unnecessary and oversized fittings, all adding to the weight and unwieldy gaudiness of the craft, in some instances even interfering with their sea-worthiness and performance. Paddlers in South Africa and those who can buy and import from here, are fortunate indeed to be able to find real, hand-crafted fibreglass sea kayaks at world-beating prices right here. Discerning buyers should distinguish between budget plastic play craft and real, hand-crafted sea kayaks. Both have their purposes so buyers need to decide what they are wanting in a craft and buy accordingly. For your proper, hand-crafted sea kayak, which will grace your vehicle, your property and your paddling, order from PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions CC today at PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc at or phone 0825562520 or see .

Rare East African Island Camp for Sale. - 1  February 2019

An established and rare camp on the fabled East African Coast is on the market. Opportunity to own one of the world's most unspoilt and sought-after locations. US$20 mil.neg. Contact Ph +27(0)825562520 or email

Cape Kayak Camino kicks off 2019 season. - 23  January 2019

The new Cape Kayak Camino Tour in Plettenberg Bay in the Garden Route, South Africa, which was featured in the prestigious Getaway Magazine issue of November 2018, has started its first season, running from the beginning of January to the end of June, with four departures a week. The two day / one night overnight kayak tour is run on the magnificent Plettenberg Bay, Bitou and Keurbooms Lagoon Estuary and includes the majestic Keurbooms Gorge. The tour is on offer from REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc, South Africa's pioneering sea kayak company and the brainchild of Johan Loots, author of an international sea kayak guide book available worldwide in five major languages and a winner of two national design awards for his kayak designs. The Cape Kayak Camino Tour, which is a spin-off of a similar five day kayak tour inspired by Loots which is run in Spain on the famous Santiago de Compostela Camino, is geared towards local and international travelers of all ages and abilities, offering them a unique glimpse of the famed Garden Route, with an emphasis on enjoying the serenity and fragile beauty of the remaining wilderness in the area. The guided tour is fully catered and offers paddlers a gourmet picnic lunch en route, a traditional South African dinner in the evening and a hearty breakfast on the second day. All camping and kayak equipment are included in this memorable mini tour which can be included in any itinerary. Agents and tour operators as well as independent travelers and locals are welcome to make enquiries and book on or phone +27 [0]825562520 or +27 [0]829203696. See for more.

PaddleYak for 2019! - 29  December 2018

PaddleYak SEA KAYAK PRODUCTIONS cc wishes all its customers and all sea kayak paddlers around the world the very best for 2019. May you gain what you are aspiring for in 2019. At REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc we are looking forward to many more sea kayak adventures. We ended the year with a great watershed article in Getaway [exactly 20 years after our previous article in the same magazine], promoting our new overnight Cape Kayak CAMINO Tour in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa. Bookings from agents, tour companies and independent travelers have rolled in as well it should; the tour is set to become an institution for locals as well as visitors to the Garden Route and South Africa. On the kayak production side we have been kept to the wheel by regular orders for kayaks from our PaddleYak range. An end of year rush included orders from the beautiful Fleur de Passion which is commemorating the circumnavigation of the world by Magellan 500 years ago. The launch of the 6th version of our innovative PY TravelYak Split is imminent. We managed to put more hours into it during our busy time and it's just a matter of time now before we put the final touches to it. So, if you are into adventure mode or are going to order a PaddleYak Sea Kayak, make 2019 the year in which you do it! Email ph 0825562520.

All the best from Johan & Teresa Loots, family and staff.

Get away from it all! - 20  November 2018

REAL CAPE ADVENTURE's overnight CAPE KAYAK CAMINO Tour in Plettenberg Bay is drawing attention as more and more paddlers and would-be paddlers discover it's the ideal way of escaping the tensions in their lives. With its article in the November Issue of Getaway the company has shown it has once again pioneered a world class kayak adventure which all can participate in. Book now and treat yourself and your whole family to the latest and probably the best outing in the Garden Route of South Africa. Email phone 0825562520 or see

Mocke and Nixon win Surfski Champs - 20  November 2018

Jasper Mocke and Hayley Nixon won the men and women national SA surfski titles respectively in East London recently. In the men's race Mocke surfed in on the same wave as Hank McGregor, but the former had to run back to the end line whilst Mocke surfed in between the markers. Following in dad Godfrey and brother Dawid's footsteps, Jasper is putting his stamp on national and international life-saving and surfski events. The achievement comes from a lifetime's dedication to the sport by this remarkable family.

Cape Kayak Camino Tour prompts kayak orders. - 5  November 2018

Real Cape Adventures' Cape Kayak Camino Tour in Plettenberg Bay, in South Africa's Garden Route, is attracting much attention since being covered in the November 2018 issue of the prestigious Getaway Adventure Magazine, prompting the company to order more PaddleYak Tango Double Kayaks for its fleet. The PY Tango was developed by its sister company specifically for commercial sea kayak tours around the African coast, but it has proved so successful that it is now to be found even further afield in, among other places, Madagascar, Mauritius and Europe. In Africa it has been used to operate in places as diverse as Principe, Sao Tome, Namibia, Mozambique, Tanzania, Malawi and the Congo and in South Africa,to operate in St Helena Bay, Paternoster, Langebaan, Hout Bay, Simon's Town, Knysna, Plettenberg Bay, Jeffrey's Bay and along the Kwazulu-Natal coast. The PY Tango is medium-sized for a double, making it easy to manage both on and off the water by both novices and experienced paddlers alike. It's superbly sea-worthy with a flawless commercial record of over 20 years. Conceived by Johan Loots and skillfully shaped by a previous pupil, Fritz Zonnekus, in his garage in Glen Cairn, just round the corner from Cape Point, the Cape of Storms, the Portuguese explorers' Cabo de Esperanza, the humble craft has exceeded all expectations, providing a safe platform for use in the stormy waters around the African coast and proving successful further afield, a tribute to those who were involved in its development and whose experiences growing up along the South African coast went into its making. Simply put; the PaddleYak Tango is a hardy homespun craft with a superb record, perfectly complementing the new Cape Kayak Camino Tour in Plettenberg Bay, both the tour and the location also being South Africa's finest.

Cape Kayak Camino Tour in Getaway Nov 2018 Issue! - 16  October 2018

REAL CAPE ADVENTURES's latest CAPE KAYAK CAMINO Tour in Plettenberg Bay in the Garden Route, South Africa, is featured in the latest edition [Nov 2018] of the original and prestigious adventure magazine, GETAWAY. The company made the front cover of the magazine exactly 20 years ago when it pioneered commercial sea kayaking in Southern Africa. The front cover then showed RCA's owner Johan Loots leading a group of sea paddlers through Knysna Heads. Since then the company has gone on to set up various operations in far-flung corners. The latest tour represents a culmination of RCA's experiences, seeking to provide travelers with a genuine slice of the Garden Route. The tour is manageable by most and can be adapted to various levels of abilities to accommodate even the most sedate, so no more excuses not do the Real Thing in Africa! Do the authentic tour and experience a real taste of the fabled Garden Route, its remaining wilderness and its people. No need to travel further. This is the real thing at an affordable rate. Booking essential. Tour Operators welcome too. Email or phone +27 [0] 825562520. PS: The two-day tour can be extended to include a day on the sea, or shortened to a quarter or half day paddle on the magnificent Plettenberg Bay Estuary, or the blue Indian Ocean.

PaddleYak Bo! PaddleYaks are Tops! - 28  September 2018

Ons is aan die begin van Oktober 2018 en dis tyd om n uitsoek PaddleYak aan te skaf. Bestel nou om die kajak betyds vir Kersfees te kry. Order now to get your select PaddleYak Kayak in time for the festive season. Email ph 0825562520.

It's October and we're open for business! - 28  September 2018

Oktober, die mooiste, mooiste maand! So, time to book your CAPE KAYAK CAMINO TOUR in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, with REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc, the country's original, pioneering sea kayak company. Plan your overnight tour, or extend it to three days and two nights. Locals and those wishing to escape the northern hemsiphere's encroaching winter may want to do the tour before Christmas to beat the crowds here, but the main season runs from mid-January to the end of June, so time to book and plan! Email or ph 0825562520 to obtain more details and to book.

Kayak Camino of the Bitou, Plettenberg Bay - 16  September 2018

Find a scintillating report on Rose's Blog of Real Cape Adventures' latest Cape Kayak Camino Tour in Plettenberg Bay here-

Heat wave brings out the kayaks! - 16  September 2018

Temperatures of 30 to 40 degrees Celsius are forecast for Southern Africa mid-September, only a week after it was caught in a snap cold seeing many mountain tops covered in snow. Kayaks are being brought out of wraps and once again paddlers can enjoy the freedom and health-giving properties of paddling in the summer season which generally is taken to stretch from October to June with but a brief interlude of autumn, winter and early spring in the other months. Suppliers of kayaks are reporting early season demands for repairs and enquiries for craft promises a bumper season. Nothing like escaping to nature and another world away from the humdrum of daily labour and politics with your own kayak. Order you PaddleYak Sea-kayak today and make sure you are ready for the season! Also book your guided kayak Cape Kayak Camino tour in Plettenberg Bay [see the October/November Getaway Issue]in time. Ph 0825562520 or email

SA dominates World Canoe Marathon Champs - 16  September 2018

With over 600 top canoeists from around the world participating in the World Canoe Marathon Champs in Portugal in Sept 2018, South Africa achieved an unbelievable first place in both the Men's Single Marathon as well as in the Doubles Event, the most prestigious of the championships. Andy Birkett and Hank Mc Gregor took the doubles and Birkett the singles, with seven times winner Mc Gregor opting out of the singles race this year. In 3rd place was South African Jasper Mocke in another sterling performance from the Mocke family. Another highlight of the championship was legendary Renata Csay's win, who at 41 defended her title successfully for the umpteenth title, underlining the general acceptance now that canoeing is a lifetime sport par excellence and that its top performers reach their full potential, or can maintain it, at what for many other sports and endeavors, would already mean middle age, a very good reason for the uninitiated to pick up the sport.

Weak ZAR aids SA Kayak sales - 5  September 2018

With the ZAR under pressure and the country technically in a recession, overseas buyers have a golden opportunity to acquire sought-after, hand-laminated, fibreglass PaddleYak Kayaks directly from source in South Africa. In production for over twenty years, PaddleYak kayaks have distinguished themselves in various adventures around the world. Take this opportunity to obtain your PaddleYak now at an absurd price. Economists agree that the ZAR is undervalued, but following the so-called state capture debacle, the country is reeling from shock. This gives buyers and would-be PaddleYak owners a rare chance to order their craft at truly economical prices. Whilst no restriction will be placed on the number of craft ordered per customer, the company's resources are finely tuned to survive in the current economic climate in South Africa and buyers will have to be content with the lead times on offer, something which is not unknown with the world's most exclusive and desirable brands. Email for more or see or phone +27 [0]825562520.

Sperm Whale washes up in Sedgefield. - 5  September 2018

Locals were astounded this weekend to find a rare Sperm Whale washed up on the beach. Unlike most other whales the Sperm Whale sports mean teeth [favoured by whalers of yore for scrimshaw work] to match a more aggressive nature than the Southern Rights and Humpbacks. Speculation is rife about the discovery, global warming being a possible culprit. Paddlers are warned to treat all marine animals with respect and to keep their distance at all time.

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