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Small Craft Revolution - 21  April 2017

“Environmental concerns and the recession have boosted small craft sales” says Johan Loots of PaddleYak South Africa, as reported in the local K&P Herald recently. “Craft such as kayaks are affordable, cost nothing to use and provide easy and eco-friendly exercise outdoors.
His trend-setting company PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions CC is based in Knysna and supplies handmade fibreglass craft throughout the Garden Route, SA and the world. “South Africans are lucky to obtain such craft here; overseas they command top dollar” says Loots, author of two sea kayak guide books, one already translated into five languages.
Commercial sea kayaking tours were unknown when he started, predicting a rush of tourists in the 90’s. He found a market for recreational kayaks too and now offers various models including the award-winning PaddleYak Swift Hybrid with which adventurer Riaan Manser circumnavigated Madagascar as well as Iceland. Defining moments for the company were introducing Sweden’s top manufacturer to their first surfski and sending a load of hybrid craft to Norway. Currently the company is preparing a shipment for the Congolese Parks Board.
It recently introduced the LAUNCHETTE, a unique platform for launching kayaks, other small craft and even swimmers, from marinas. Loots considers them indispensable for waterside homes. He has also supplied SAB [Botswana] with their first SOLiDFORM parasols; robust umbrellas in fibreglass, intended for harsh environments, replacing flimsy fabric types at hotels, restaurants, golf courses and homes.
His first kayak tours were run in Plettenberg Bay, Knysna, Mossel Bay, Hout Bay and Simonstown and subsequently in Mozambique and Madagascar. There is a new overnight kayak tour in Plettenberg Bay and a quintessential tour, the Camino del Mar, has recently been established by him in Spain. Tours are suited to families, travellers and corporate groups. Says the avid Loots, a registered psychologist to boot: “Go kayaking and discover another world on your doorstep!”

Use it or Lose it in SA - 21  April 2017

The Radical Economical Transformation Plan [RETP] as being proposed by the South African Government will spell benefit for some and doom for others. South Africans, as well as those who import from it around the world, will have to become far more consistent about buying from South African companies if they wish to continue to have what they have always taken for granted here. Small companies offering unique products and specific skills will be hard-pressed to remain competitive and productive under RETP. Charging heavy import taxes as they do in countries such as Brazil to protect local industry will probably not happen here, contributing to the threats facing companies, as has been seen in the clothing and plastics industries. Consumers, including those in the market for small craft such as kayaks, need to realize they have an obligation to support local manufacturers. If you are in the market for kayaks, SUPS, surfboards, etc. your first port of call should be outlets striving to supply South African products which are produced in South Africa. PaddleYak Craft and Products are all produced in South Africa. These include the sought-after PaddleYak Kayaks, the unique Launchette as well as the innovative SOLIDFROM Canopies and Parasol Umbrellas, all uniquely South African. The message should be clear: Choose wisely when you buy. Choose South African, providing unique products to the world.

PaddleYak in Europe in July 2017 - 13  April 2017

PaddleYak in Portugal, Spain, France and London in July 2017.
Buyers, agents, dealers and distributors can arrange to meet PaddleYak’s Johan Loots in Portugal, Spain, France, or in London in July 2017. He and his family will be participating in the Camino del Mar Kayak Route which is run on the distinctive PaddleYak Sea Kayak range, including the PY Gypsy Hybrid Sea Kayaks, by CaminoenKayak. The latest PY TravelYak Split Kayak will be available to see too. The company has been in production for 21 years and has distinguished itself with its role in the recreational, adventure, expedition and kayak travel market. There is no end to its contributions and individuals and representatives have the opportunity of arranging meetings, purchasing craft and/or discussing various business options. The Euro, Dollar and UK Sterling are all favourable to the ZAR currently which is beneficial for importing. Interested parties can consider the company’s range of PaddleYak Kayaks, as well as its novel new LAUNCHETTE [a personal step and platform system which facilitates launching small craft such as kayaks and SUPS from the sides of jetties] for the Marina market, as well as its unique SOLIDFORM canopies and parasol umbrellas for the hospitality, recreational, domestic and outdoor market. Make arrangements to meet in July now. Email or see or on Facebook. SMS or Whatsup, or phone +27 [0]825562520 or +27 [0]445330537.

New Products from PaddleYak SA in 2017. - 13  April 2017

Eagerly awaited new products from PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions CC and Real Cape Adventures CC are seeing the light. The PaddleYak Gypsy range is being introduced one by one. The PaddleYak Gypsy Single is already out and proving its mettle. It was recently paddled a 1000 kms along the notorious Coast of Death and Bay of Biscay in NW Spain. From it the PY TravelYak is being prepared for paddlers wishing to spread their wings and travel to the world’s prime locations with a kayak in their luggage. The PY TravelYak has been designed to qualify as sporting goods permissible as luggage on airlines. The craft is the first sit-on, nested split kayak and is destined to meet many needs. It will fit into yachts, boats, planes, trains, taxis and wheelie bins! To supplement the range a new compact double, the PY Gypsy Hybrid Duo as well as a traditional sit-in, will also see the light. All new craft will feature some of the qualities associated with PaddleYak Kayaks, including their coaming options which turn sit-ons into sit-in sea kayaks. It will also be launching the PY SKIPPER SUP, an all-round SUP Board for all. Real Cape Adventures cc is promoting the Camino del Mar Kayak Tour in Spain as well as the Paddle Plett Camino Kayak Tour in Plettenberg Bay, South Africa, a two day/one night overnight kayak tour on the lovely Plettenberg Bay Estuary. It’s ideal for travelers with limited time, families and corporate groups.

Easter is Paddling Time in SA - 13  April 2017

With Easter upon them South African paddlers are readying themselves for a weekend of fun paddling. Traditionally the weather varies between summer easterlies and winter westerlies, resulting in unusual spells of calm and wild weather. Being on a cusp, either pattern may prevail, or kick in rapidly, sometimes within seconds. Over the last weekend the South African coast was alive with lightning and thunder at night, but days were mild. The Knynsa area already showed how autumn mist can set in in seconds. The indications are quite clear; have fun paddling, but be aware! If in doubt, do something else; don’t take risks. If you need new craft contact PaddleYak at or phone 0825562520. Also look at PaddleYak’s latest LAUNCHETTE Step and Platform System for facilitating launching from jetties in Marinas, its robust SOLIDFORM Canopies and Parasol Umbrellas and the unique PY TravelYak Split Kayak. Take a look at their kayak tours on offer, including an exhilarating new overnight kayak tour in Plettenberg Bay, the Paddle Plett Camino Kayak Tour, and a week-long kayak tour in Spain, the Camino del Mar. Advance bookings essential.

SOLiDFORM Canopies and Parasols - 19  February 2017

SOLiDFORM Canopies and Parasols, from the suppliers of PaddleYak Kayaks and the Launchette, the unique platform step for launching craft from, are now available. The solid De Lux Parasol is now supplemented by the Le Cafe version which stacks, making bulk orders cost-effective. Geared for permanent mounting in commercial, industrial and domestic settings the solid canopies are competitively priced and set to replace fabric canopies and umbrellas in more extreme weather and outdoor settings. The products are expected to outlast fabric by decades, making them economical and cost effective. They are also weather-resistant and color-fast, look shiny clean and fresh all the time and can be custom-shaped and branded to your requirements. Order your SOLiDFORM Canopies and Parasols now from or ph 0825562520.

New Launchette Kayak Launcher launched! - 19  February 2017

PaddleYak SA has announced the launch of the third version of its unique Launchette; a world first Platform Step for launching kayaks, SUPs and swimmers from the side of a jetty. Every version has shown improvements to make the chore of launching from jetties so much simpler. You simply step down onto the platform and mount your craft as you would on a beach. SEA KAYAK PRODUCTIONS cc, the producer and supplier of South Africa's unique sea kayak brand, PaddleYak, is the designer of this altogether new product, set to be supplied worldwide. For single and bulk dealer orders for this product, flat-packed for shipping, contact now.

Dusi Heroes - 19  February 2017

The Dusi Kayak Marathon ended this weekend with the favorites showing their mettle. It's one of those races which is so typical South African; adapted to suit local conditions and local demands. Like the Comrades, the Cape Argus, the Berg River Marathon, the Cape Point Challenge and PE to East London Surfski Race it stands recognised as one of the beacons among extreme sports. Let's hear it for the organisers and all the participants who take up the challenge year after year to keep South Africa right up there!

ZAR strengthens - buy your kayak now! - 19  February 2017

Despite insider trading and a fine for collusion among local banks, the ZAR has strengthened among the world's major currencies, so time to invest in that special PaddleYak Kayak or Real Cape Adventures' Kayak Tour! It's predicted the budget speech will announce higher taxes this coming week, so time to buy! South African businesses offer real value for money and none more so than fibreglass companies producing sought-after yachts, boats and kayaks at SA prices for the world. Order your special PaddleYak Kayak now, or book that Kayak Adventure. Email or ph 0825562520.

Sea Kayak Guide Training in South Africa - 11  February 2017

RECSKASA [The Recreational & Commercial Sea Kayak Association] which was found in Cape Town in the mid-90’s and chaired by Johan Loots, wrote the original guide program for sea kayak guide training in South Africa and were the first to become accredited by SATOUR with the training and registration of sea kayak guides, also contracting with SAMSA at the time. With the advent of the NQF and THETA it contributed to the setting of the unit standards and as recently as 2016 Johan Loots contributed to the CATHSSETA process. As a good foundation had been laid for sea kayak guide training, RECSKASA had earlier been transformed into TASKS, The African Sea Kayak Society, an independent and commercially-sponsored forum dedicated to sea kayaking and related issues and accessible to all via the internet on [on the Main Page, click on the TASKS logo on the bottom left]. All those concerned with sea kayaking, sea kayak guide training and running sea kayak businesses are welcome to consult it and correspond with it via email.

RECSKASA originally motivated the need for regulations for commercial sea kayaking in South Africa because there were simply none and TASKS has not stopped pursuing safety and professionality in it since. There were other contributors too, including by the river guide association of the time, transformed subsequently into APA, headed up by the Kellets.

Johan Loots’ book A Practical Guide to Sea Kayaking in Southern Africa lay the foundation for recreational and commercial sea kayaking in Southern Africa [and beyond]. It not only set out to teach the skills required, but also to describe and name all the do-able routes right around the South African coast. His second book: An Essential Guide to Sea Kayaking is available worldwide and has been translated into five languages at the last count. So, a good foundation was laid for sea kayak guide training in South Africa by the end of the nineties. Of note is that its course preceded the respected international BCU COURSE by introducing commercial guiding to recreational training.

Currently the CATHSSETA process of guide qualification has become mired in red tape forcing companies to provide in-service training in lieu of certification, but efforts are underway to facilitate the process and an introductory course is in the offing in Cape Town in February 2017. Persons wishing to train as sea kayak guides are invited to contact either APA or Johan Loots at TASKS at or phone 0825562520. The latter is also offering some sea kayak guide employment opportunities in the Garden Route area.

Freya Hoffmeister does the impossible in a kayak - 9  February 2017

Missed by many during the major world events towards the end of 2016, but in many respects deserving more attention than any of those, was Freya Hoffmeister's incredible circumnavigation by sea kayak of the whole 27000 kms of South America! A true Amazon of stunning proportions and abilities, search the internet to get the whole story. PaddleYak Sea Kayaks and Real Cape Adventures salute Freya for her absolutely mind-blowing achievement which followed her equally amazing circumnavigation of the whole of Australia! What an inspiration for women, men and all those who cherish humankind's sense of adventure and achievement. Only a few paddlers in history can claim something approaching Freya's performance. One is Oscar Speck who paddled 35000kms from Germany to Australia between 1938-39 ending up in Darwin where he was arrested as, unbeknown to him, the Second World War had broken out! See a small, but precious exhibition dedicated to him in the Sydney Maritime Museum now. Freya has already reaped numerous awards and Adventurer of the Year in Europe, but one trusts her home country will honour this humble and unassuming giant amongst us with a whole centre doing her full justice and dedicated to promoting adventure and excellence in youth. If Freya's spirit of adventure motivates you to get a kayak and start paddling, speak to us at PaddleYak Sea Kayaks for your best choice of kayak, or come and do one of Real Cape Adventure's Kayak Guided Tours. Currently we are taking bookings for our two day/one night Two Rivers and a Lagoon Kayak Tour in Plettenberg Bay as well as the Camino del Mar Kayak Tour to Spain; a 6 day tour running weekly from July to October. Email or ph 0825562520 for details.

Best Paddling for Summer 2017! - 9  January 2017

REAL CAPE ADVENTURES and PADDLEYAK SEA-KAYAK PRODUCTIONS cc trust you have had a great festive season and that you are set and ready to make the most of the SUMMER SEASONS of 2017! Be sure to join in any of REAL CAPE ADVENTURES' half-day sea kayak trips in Cape Town and Plettenberg Bay and it's extended tours in Madagascar, Mauritius, Malawi and Spain. RCA cc co-operates with selected operators who can offer you the REAL thing. Make 2017 a special year for kayaking; get a group together and take off on a seakayak trip with REAL CAPE ADVENTURES cc, Southern Africa's and one of the world's leading sea kayak tour pioneers.
Also treat yourself to that special PaddleYak Sea Kayak. PaddleYak Sea Kayaks has consistently been setting the standard for innovative kayaks and its PaddleYak Swift Hybrid models are sought-after and regarded by some enthusiasts as the best kayaks in the world. Look out for the more compact PaddleYak Gypsy range in 2017, including the Gypsy Double Duo and the PY Gypsy TravelYak Split. Also look out for its PY Skipper SUP, an all-round board for easy paddling and a variety of uses, featuring a safety seat indent. For tours and new PaddleYak Kayaks, email ph 0825562520 or see or or - also look out for SKP's new hard shell range of innovative SOLIDFORM CANOPIES, UMBRELLAS and PARASOLS as well as its new and unique LAUNCHETTE Platform Step for the easy launching of kayaks, SUPs and swimmers from marinas and jetties. Make this a paddling year of note; make it a PaddleYak! Do not delay. Book your Kayak Tour, or Order your new PaddleYak Kayak right now!

Paddle Plet with RCA - do the Real thing! - 9  December 2016

Real Cape Adventures cc started SA's registered commercial sea kayaking operations in Plettenberg Bay, Simonstown and Hout Bay, Cape Town, South Africa in 1995. At the time Johan and Teresa Loots decided to shift their professions into the background to pursue their passion for the outdoors, the ocean and travel in the general spirit of the founding of the new South Africa. RCA cc [named to highlight the doing of the Real thing in traditional and eco-travel] they went on to establish further outlets on the West Coast [St Helena Bay, Paternoster and Langebaan] East Coast [Jeffreys Bay, Durban], Mozambique, Mauritius and Madagascar and lately, in Spain. To celebrate their adventure of two decades which also saw them travel parts of the coastlines of Western and Eastern Europe and Oceania in search of other suitable paddling destinations, they are laying on a few new sea kayak routes in Plettenberg Bay. Take the opportunity to paddle with this iconic adventure company this summer. Ph 0825562520 or email them at and do the REAL thing in an eco-responsible way.

Madagascar Kayak Adventure recalled - 29  November 2016

What possibly has been the best programme ever aired on SATV and DSTV, 190ED, is ending its awesome run on 30 November 2016. To see it off, some of the best documentaries are being aired for the last time currently, including Riaan Manser’s gutsy circumnavigation of Madagascar on a PaddleYak Fusion Hybrid Kayak. The footage is remarkable and it shows what tenacity adventurers need to achieve their goals. What makes the adventure even more impressive is the fact that Manser was a relatively inexperienced paddler when he started out on the challenge. The boat proved its capacity and sea-worthiness and deposited the paddler safely back where he started six months earlier. Manser went on to also circumnavigate Iceland in another one of PaddleYak’s innovative craft, the PaddleYak Swift Hybrid Double, with Dan Skinstad, a physically-challenged paddler. PaddleYak wish to take this opportunity to salute those men and women who show true spirit in tackling the odds which life flings at them and who have been inspired by Manser and PaddleYak's achievements to tackle their own adventures. Share in these adventures, order your PaddleYak Sea Kayak today. PaddleYak: The brand of distinction. Proudly made in South Africa for the World.

New from PaddleYak for 2017 - 13  September 2016

Innovating since its founding in 1997, PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions CC in South Africa is set to extend its range of craft this coming summer season with its new, compact PY Gypsy Duo Double and its PY Gypspy Split TravelYak, for those wishing to travel to those distant places with their own kayak. These craft will complement PaddleYak's growing range of sea kayaks. In addition the company is developing its SOLiDFORM range of solid Canopies and Parasols, as well as the LAUNCHETTE, a unique new launching step and platform to make launching kayaks, SUPs and swimmers from the sides of marinas and jetties much easier. STOP PRESS: Kyle de Nobrega is set on transversing Lake Tanganyika in a PY Swift Hybrid Double shortly. In August the PY Gypsy was used to cover 1000 kms along the coast of Spain by Aussie Tim Wainwright. Get in the act; order your PaddleYak Kayak now!

ZAR weakening. Order you PaddleYak Kayaks now! - 2  August 2016

The summer of 2016/7 is upon us and the ZAR is weakening again to the major currencies after a temporary upswing during the local elections. Those wishing to avail themselves of PaddleYak's growing range of select kayaks, the novel Kayak Marina Launchette Launching Step & Platform, or range of unique and stylish solid SOLiDFORM Canopies and Parasols should do so now. Ph 0825562520 or email

Kayak and SUP Step and Launch Platform - 2  August 2016

The "Launchette" has arrived and is available to order. Marinas and marina-side owners, or those on jetties and docks, can now order PaddleYak SKP cc’s latest innovation: a Kayak and SUP Launch Platform and Step. The flat-packed, self-mountable and flippable step and platform can be mounted on the edge of any jetty, dock or marina. When needed it gets flipped into the water, providing a stable step onto a suspended platform which permits easy mounting of a kayak or SUP. Swimmers and those on boats can use it too as a convenient way of accessing the water. It takes the chore out of getting in and off, or out, of the water. The Launchette is available worldwide to individuals, retailers and distributors. Bulk orders by marine and marina suppliers are taken and shipping arranged. Ph 0825562520 or email

Unique SOLiDFORM Canopies & Umbrellas - 2  August 2016

Sea Kayak Productions cc, the producer of the award-winning PaddleYak range of sea kayaks has followed up its unique SOLiDFORM Canopy with its SOLiDFORM Café Umbrellas. It now offers outlets such as restaurants, hotels, resorts, golf courses etc. requiring distinctive, stylish and robust all-weather canopies and umbrellas, with high quality, long-lasting, solid alternative to fabric-based umbrellas. The company reports a growing interest in its range of solid shades which in future will also feature solar panels for powering internal lights and chargers. It’s more than an umbrella; it’s a SOLiDFORM! Ph 0825562520 on email for more information.

Olympics Fever! - 2  August 2016

Whilst the build-up to the Rio Olympics has been incongruous with the banning of various athletes, the Zika Virus and concerns over Brazil’s readiness to host the event, everything is finally set for the grand opening on Friday 5 August. Viewers around the world will unite to enjoy the world’s greatest spectacle, the opening ceremony promising to be as spectacular as the infamous Rio Festival, in which athletes pit their skills against each other to once again show the tenacity of the human body and spirit. The world can once again take a moment out of its tensions to be reminded how much can be achieved in a spirit of co-operation and goodwill. South Africa will be rooting for paddler Bridgette Hartley, the lone representative of a popular and much loved sport here, for our swimmers, with Le Closs and De Burg heading the pack, as well as for our rugby sevens, our sprinters, long distance runners, tri-athletes, cyclists, sailors and many others. So: Let the Games begin!

Berg Success - 2  August 2016

Berg River Marathon Success! Hank Mc Gregor has won the 2016 Berg River Kayak Marathon in fine style. Running for over thirty years now the event is as much part of the Cape’s culture as wine, spring flowers, beach sports and beautiful people. Every year people from all walks of life haul down their slim Olympic Class K1 Kayaks from the rafters, wipe off the dust and train like those possessed for the harrowing event which runs from Paarl in the heart of the Cape’s winelands to the mouth of the Berg River at Velddrift on the arid Atlantic West Coast. It’s a distance of 250 km paddled over four days, paddlers being followed by a cavalcade of seconds comprising of friends and families who have to provide supplies and set up camp at the overnight stops. The race coincides with the Cape’s main rain season and more than often the whole event becomes bogged down in a quagmire of mud and rushing water, with surrounding snow-capped mountains standing as sentinels to the event. McGregor’s performance lends support to the “have it in his genes” brigade with his father Lee arguably having been South Africa’s best athlete of all time, receiving national colours in three different disciplines; swimming, surf life-saving and canoeing. With his excellent performance Hank also continued some past Berg winners’ tradition of notching up more than one win on the race, such as legendary winners Stefan Hugo and Robbie Herreveld. He also reminded of some of the stalwarts of the race, such as the Van Riet brothers, Andre Collins, Chris Greeff, Sunley Uys, Herman Noy, Paul Chalupsky, Graham Monteith, Graham Solomon, Edgar Boehm and many others who all contributed to making the race one of South Africa’s most popular and famous sporting challenges.

New Kayak Launch Step for Marinas - 4  June 2016

PaddleYak Sea Kayaks have designed and produced a unique new quayside platform step to make launching kayaks, SUPs and swimmers from the side of a jetty, quay, marina, or even yacht, or boat, so much easier. Known as The Launchette the removable or permanent step with its flip-over platform will be made available worldwide. Marina developers, jetty-side apartment and home owners and marine hardware suppliers are all welcome to place their orders now. Produced in marine grade stainless steel the product comes flat-packed and easy to install. Order by email from or phone +27 [0]825562520.

Berg River Canoe Marathon safer - 4  June 2016

The prestigious four-day Berg River Canoe Marathon held in July every year on the Berg River, near Cape Town, is sharpening up its safety measures. The river can be treacherous at times due to blockages and participants need to know how to manage emergencies like tree strainers. The organising committee has announced it has raised the standards required of paddlers to enter the race. Consult their website for more details to avoid disappointment. Thoughts go out to the families of those who have been lost on the river over the years, including Robyn Loots [Lowe], the leading WP Ladies contender at the time, trapped in a strainer on 28 May 1988 whilst training for the upcoming marathon.

South Africa is good investment! - 4  June 2016

The international investments ratings committee has rated South Africa a "BBB" [compared to the USA's "AAA"] indicating it's satisfied that this African powerhouse and its products remain a sound investment. With the ZAR standing at R15 to US$1 the country and its products may be considered to offer some of the best value for money in the world, especially iro specialised products like kayaks. Once leading the world in mining and related fields with a solid infrastructure and strong business and academic base, it has had to overcome the costly political challenges of transforming to a fully democratic society. To help rebuild the economy, South Africans are being encouraged to buy local, to support local producers and manufacturers, in this way helping themselves. International investors, buyers and end-users, can all benefit from buying South Africa products, such as PaddleYak Kayaks, the only SA brand which is on permanent display at the SABS's Disa Design Centre. Place your orders now and benefit from South Africa's low ZAR. With its positive attitude and undisputed expertise, it still leads the world in many fields. See or phone +27 [0] 825562520.

Butterfly folds his wings - 4  June 2016

Professional boxing legend, Olympic Champion and character of note, Muhammad Ali, passed away today. Names like Sonny Liston, Joe Frazier, Leon Sphinx, Larry Holmes, George Foreman and other contenders come to mind, but they all met their match against this super athlete. Would that boxing changes its rules to make it a safer sport [eg banning head shots] so it can maintain its appeal in future and that this man can forever be recognised "as the greatest" and he "who floats like a butterfly and stings like a bee" in boxing's hall of fame.


Quick Contact Details - 4  June 2016

Wishing to contact South Africa's premier sea kayak manufacturer, PaddleYak Sea Kayak Productions cc and adventure tour operator, Real Cape Adventures cc, just click on CONTACT US anywhere on their website at . If you do not receive a reply soon enough, please email them directly at or phone, or send, an sms to +27 [0]825562520 or phone +27 [0]445330437. If any problems are experienced with contacting PaddleYak Sea Kayaks or Real Cape Adventures, please let them know. They are ready to assist you and to take your orders for their distinctive PaddleYak Kayaks and arrange your special Real Cape Adventure tour to Cape Town, Plettenberg Bay, Malawi, Mozambique and Spain.

Store offers most PaddleYak Kayaks in country. - 2  May 2016

The PaddleYak Kayak Store was one of the first virtual online stores in SA. It currently offers twenty different models, or variations, of the South African-based PaddleYak brand of kayaks. No other store anywhere offers more PaddleYak Kayak models. It figures; the store is the prime outlet for Sea Kayak Productions cc, the manufacturer of the PaddleYak Kayak range. Being an online store customers have the convenience of ordering straight off the site at the best prices available. They can communicate directly by phone or email and can be assured of getting first-hand service. The company reports that at its latest count it had shipped craft to mainly end-users in almost forty different countries round the world, the latest customer outside the country of origin to have received a PaddleYak Sea Kayak hailing from Liberia, Monrovia. The PaddleYak brand is the only to have received two national design awards and its flagship, the PaddleYak Swift Hybrid, is on permanent display at the South African Bureau of Standard’s DISA headquarters. To own a PaddleYak Sea Kayak is to own a bit of kayak royalty. Why settle for less? Wherever you are, whether in South Africa, or anywhere else in the world, order your own PaddleYak Kayak today. Phone 0825562520 or email

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